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Women`s Information Center(WIC)

Women’s Information Centre was established in 2000, with the incentive of women and with support from Georgian Committee of Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly. In 2002 Women’s Information Center became the co-founder of the NGOs Coalition. In 2003, it was registered as independent non-governmental organization.

Mission of the Organization is improvement of political, economic and social status of women, using information communication technologies, at local, national, regional and international levels.

Women’s Information Center is the representative of international Network of Eastern and Western Women and Women Against Violence Europe.

Representative of WAVE network in Georgia

WIC expands its partnership activities in the regions of Georgia. Organization has the partner organizations in the following regions:

Society of Democrat Women - Samtskhe-Javakheti Region 
Friendship Bridge “Kartlos” – Tskhinvali Region
Society “Biliki” – Shida Kartli Region
Kvemo Kartli Region – Association Women and the World

Women’s Information Center performs the following activities:

Information, Education
WIC has the database of contact information of the NGOs and incentive groups and their classification by the priority spheres, in Tbilisi and all regions of Georgia. Information activities are provided through 5 thematic sites and Gender Information Portal.

Lobbying and Advocacy
Women’s Information Center pays great attention to the issue of lobbying in the process of implementation of the State Action Plan, modification of the existing legislation and development of the new laws. With its activities WIC attempts to contribute to the process of formation of the society and structuring of the government and actively cooperate with the existing institutional mechanisms.

Research Activities
Women’s Information Center carries out the researches and presents the specific recommendations for the NGOs, international organizations and foundations working in the sphere of gender and women’s issues. On the gender information portal – you can find the researches conducted by Women’s Information Center: Prevention of Trafficking in Georgia, Availability of Information Communication Technologies for Women and Girls.

Regional Operations
Women’s Information Center attempts to make direct contacts with the NGOs, incentive groups and active leader women in the regions, identifies the needs and problems, provides specific recommendations and consultations and provides their communication with the local and international NGOs.

Women in Rural Areas
Special attention is paid to work in the rural areas. Women’s Information Center studies the needs and provides assistance to women in rural areas, through popularization of their product and support in distribution.

Direct Assistance, Consultations
Women’s Information Center provides phone and direct consultations to the NGOs and individuals. The consultations include the spheres of ICT, fundraising, provides assistance in updating and creation of the websites.

Non-profit PR
Women’s Information Center provides dissemination of information through network for free, as well as places it on the gender information portal, containing the special rubrics: Women in Politics; Women in Art ...
The portal contains contact information of all NGOs and incentive groups with classification, providing free PR for certain events and activities of the organizations.

Editorial and Printing Services
Women’ Polygraphic Services provides all types of publishing services at a high quality for NGOs, local and international foundations, state structures and common consumers.

Group of Women’ Polygraphic Services takes care about visual aspect and quality of your products. It offers consultations to women NGOs, to ensure the highest quality services at the lowest prices.



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