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Two men arrested in Hague for people trafficking

The men, aged 27 and 38, allegedly forced young women from Hungary to work as prostitutes


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A deaf girl was trafficked to UK and kept as sex slave in cellar by elderly couple for almost 10 years

Locked in a cellar each night, the ten-year-old was repeatedly raped and forced to carry out chores including cooking, cleaning, sewing and washing

Jaya Narain


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In Philippines, there’s life after prostitution

“We want prostituted women to see that they can have a stable livelihood even if they quit,” Gonzales said

Rima Jessamine M. Granali


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Israeli says not guilty of 'largest human trafficking case in U.S. history'

The Israeli head of a labor recruiting company accused of exploiting 400 workers from Thailand and forcing them to work on U.S. farms

Natasha Mozgovaya


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Illegal Organ Trafficking Poses A Global Problem

The seller generally earns between $2,000 to $6,000 for a kidney, though post operation care is almost never taken into account


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Getting a Grip on Sex Tourism in Kyiv

Being the capital of the independent state of Ukraine, Kyiv’s more and more a capital of prostitution and sex tourism

Viktoria Vasilchenko


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Tourism industry educated on human trafficking

Ministry of Tourism and Sports officials met with local officials to educate them on Thailand’s human-trafficking problem and brainstorm ways to prevent it in the tourism industry


Montree Kotchawong


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You can be charged with a prostitution offense for not much

In the city of San Francisco you can be arrested for intent to solicit a prostitute



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