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Azer Allakhveranov

Trafficking in human


Organization: Forum of Azerbaijan NGOs on Migration Issues

Position: Executive Director

Address: AZ 1007, 8, Gulu Guliyev Str., Apt. 40, Baku, Azerbaijan

Tel.: (+994 12) 4973052/53, Fax: (+994 12) 4973435

Mobile: (+994 50) 3328231

e-mail: ;

Sphere of interests: Human trafficking (conceptual analyses of the problem and practical activity in appropriate filed), violation against women (training and methodology), conflict transformation and peacebuilding, labour and illegal migration . Main publications (if applicable): Publications related human trafficking • Article – «Violation against Women in Family: Is It Possible the Solution of the Problem» in newspaper «KASPIY» #088 (10567) from May, 19, 2007 • Article – «The Algorithm of Combating against Women Trafficking» in newspaper «KASPIY» #039 (10518) from March, 2, 2007 • Article – «Counteraction to Trafficking in Women in Azerbaijan» in newspaper «KASPIY» #022 (10501) from February, 7 (beginning), «KASPIY» #027 (10506) from February, 14 (continuation), «KASPIY» #028 (10507) from February, 15 (continuation), and «KASPIY» #030 (10509) from February, 17 (ending), 2007 • Article – «Women Trafficking: the Global Problem of the Globalizing World» in newspaper «KASPIY» #017 (10496) from January, 31 (beginning) and «KASPIY» #018 (10497) from February, 1 (ending), 2007 – January-February • Article – «Migration Processes and Marginality Phenomenon» in the 4th edition of Science-Theoretical Journal «Philosophy» published by the Institute of Philosophy and Political-Law Researches of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, January, 2007 • Article – «Do not make dark the colors» in newspaper «AZERBAIJAN NEWS» #215 (717), November, 2006 • Article – «Human Trafficking: Present Situation and International Law» in Magazine «AZERBAIJAN LAW JOURNAL» #1(5), February, 2003 • Article – «Human trafficking as the negative party of the migration processes» in Magazine «Human rights in Azerbaijan», October, 2002 • Article – «Human trafficking as the negative party of migration processes» in Magazine «GANUN» («LAW»), #1(93), January, 2002 • Article – «An actual problem of day: women trafficking» in Magazine of public thought «Pole» published by Center of Religious Studies, November, 2000

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