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Campaign Against Bride Trafficking India

Bride trafficking is a new phenomenon in India. Countries like china and korea are well aware of this phenomenon. Girls are trafficked and married and then sell to one hand to another. The situation seems like marriage . The girls from poor background are duped and brought to the area of demand . First the middle man gives different type of greed to the parents of girls and arranged marriage with the boy and later transferred to the other place like Haryana , Punjab Rajasthan etc where they are known as Paro or Molki.

Many instances has brought in the light where girls are kidnapped and are sell off. These instances take time to reach at the police station or generally most of cases are out of reach of police information. Because it seems a marriage relation administration donot feel to think upon it. We are awaring the people of the source area like West Bengal ,Orissa ,Jharkhand ,and Bihar through distributing pamphlet and campaign,video and audio clips and forming committee at the local level to save the future of vulnerable , their safety and is toiling for raising this issue before the local administration.

To conform the security and safety of the trafficked girl at the destination area we list down the women who are Molki and keep vigil on them and interacts with the local women so they cannot be sell again. For confirmation of their rights as wife we do workshop, field seminar, and interaction program with local society. If trafficked girls found in a pity condition we rescue and rehabilitate them.


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